MLS Listing and Real Estate Websites

As you may know, the Georgia MLS is not the same as any public real estate website such as, Zillow, Trulia or Yahoo Real Estate. The MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, is an extensive database of properties listed for sale or rent, listed by Real Estate Agents and can be accessed only by Real Estate Agents. Click Here for more information about the MLS.

Most MLS's now share their listing information with the public through various real estate websites. Paraphrased, condensed versions of MLS listings now appear on sites such as, Zillow, and Yahoo Real Estate, who get their information directly from the MLS system. Additionally, licensed real estate agencies, who belong to the MLS system, can choose to display these paraphrased MLS listings on their own company websites. The listings that you see on all of these public websites are shortened versions of actual MLS listings, and are not the full version that Agents belonging to the MLS see, nevertheless they are heavily searched by the public and buyers who are not working with agents tend to use these sites exclusively. Keep in mind that while your listing information is available immediately in the MLS, it may take anywhere from a few hours to several business days before it begins to show on the real estate website's. The timing depends on when and how often each real estate site chooses to update with new information.

Below are some of the places your listing should appear

MLS Listing Destinations

Where and When Your Listing Should Appear*

Georgia MLS (GAMLS)

MLS System - Usually within a few hours of receiving your listing paperwork, weekends included!
usually within 1-2 hours. then sends the listing to the following websites: House and Home, AOL Home and Real Estate, Monster, Wall Street, Netscape Home and Real Estate, Compuserve Home & Real Estate, Digital City Real Estate, iWon Real Estate, Excite Real Estate, Juno House & Home, NetZero House & Home

ListHub usually within 1 business day. ListHub sends listings to: Truila, Zillow,  Cyberhomes, AOL Real Estate, Homescape, MyREALTY, Yahoo Classifieds Real Estate, Vast, Datasphere, ERealInvestor, HotPads, CLR, Propbot, Enormo, Freedom Soft, Second Space, FrontDoor, Oodle, Walmart Classifies, Military Classifieds, Gooplex, Lycos, Harmon,,, Home Tour Connect, Home Winks, HudSeeker, IAS Properties, LearnMoreNow, LiquidusMedia, Listed Property Pro, Property Pursuit, Property Shark, Real Estate Central, Real Quest Express, Realty Store,, TweetLister,, and Backpage

usually within 1-2 hours.

Zillow and Trulia Group also powers other real estate Web sites including Washington Post, Kiplinger and US News and World Report, which collectively appear on your traffic reports as Trulia. Click Here to view their full network usually within 1-2 hours. Our own property searching website. You may search just our company listings here.
also powers real estate classifieds for more than 100 local newspaper Web sites. To view their entire network of sites click the link or visit

Point 2 Homes within 1-2 business days. Point 2 Homes sends listings to: RE605, Realty Showcase, Cyberhomes, MilitaryFSBOS, Trulia, Trovit, SecondSpace, Frontdoor, CLR Search, UltraForeclosures, CampusHomesOnline,, Home Gain, PCS Real Estate Services, Oodle, Unique Global Estates, Move That, The Housing Pages,,, Enormo House Search,,, Consumers Guide to Real Estate, Real Estate Active, The Housing Block, Real-Buzz, EPropertyStop,, Vast, R2R Real Estate, Juno Domains, RealTown, Zillow/Yahoo Real Estate Network, Adicio,, Lake Homes USA, Home,, Mitula Homes,, RealtyPin

also powers or is accessible from more than 80 local Web sites. To view their full network of sites click here.

Other Brokerage and Real Estate websites:
within 1-4 business days. This time frame is determined by the website itself and how frequently they update their listings. Examples of sites are Remax, Intracoastal, Allen Tate, etc.

*All websites may not be available in all areas and may change at any time. Therefore, sites advertised are not guaranteed.